Sanoma’s purpose is to engage people with content that inspires, informs, entertains and educates – when, where and how they want it.

From the newspaper reader who accesses the world through our investigative reporting, to the young woman inspired by the world of beauty and styling at her fingertips through sites like FashionChick; from the advertiser who is able to reach an audience of targeted individuals with similar interests, to the little boy who masters arithmetic through one of our learning products – Sanoma touches the lives of millions of people in Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden every day.

What makes our CSR efforts unique is the impact we have on the lives of our consumers and business customers. Free media and freedom of speech lays a ground for democracy and an open and fair society. At Sanoma we’ve never forgotten the principles that our founders held sacred: free speech, fair reporting, and respect for the audiences by acting trustworthy and transparent. We want to stay true to the high morals and ethical ways of doing business of our founders. We see it as essential that we play our role in maintaining and improving these core values.

Responsibility is embedded in all our business practices. In 2015 we implemented a Group-wide code of conduct and trained the whole staff via an e-learning course. Our strategy and action plans aim that we improve our performance and ensure that we act responsibly in all of our product and service offerings, uphold high ethical standards and focus in bringing positive impacts to the society. We wish to contribute to the success of our societies and customers.

Susan Duinhoven, President and CEO Sanoma Group